How to cut curly hair?

Thick good-looking curls always remain an unchanging favorite among the rests of the variants. A large range of haircuts which perfectly underline natural beauty of curly hair exists preserving for them healthy and neat appearance. Trends for curly hair remain constant; therefore, one can boldly assert your curls will be in a trend in every season.

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If owners of straight hair are knocked off their feet in search of means for giving it waviness and girth, curly girls with the same insistence pick up optimal haircuts for curly hair. Those ones who have straight hair are sure that it is worth to create strongly curly hair and backcombing and the hairstyle is ready. In addition, owners of curly hair spend much time to set their hair in more or less certain hairdo. Because the sucked in haircut and the setting will have effect just of the ruffled, out-of-condition hair.

There are many positive points in curls. If their owner does not try to straighten them every morning, but prefers to have a wavy hairstyle, she is lucky – the nature itself cares for its styling. One needs to cut the wavy hair only in a certain way.

Curly hair is distinguished from straight one by porous structure and other peculiarities of internal structure; therefore, they are more subject to split ends and break more often. Accordingly, it needs the specific care.

The medium length haircut will fit for the curly hair best of all. It is not good to make a short cut for wavy hair; otherwise, it will look as a hedgehog. Such hairdresser methods as a graduation and haircut in layers will help to show curls or waves. Take into consideration shape of the face, eyes, and growth of hair when you choose the hairstyle for curly hair.

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Length to the chin will fit the plump-faced owners of curls. If you deal with shallow curls, concentrate on the asymmetric haircut. Those ones who were born with wavy hair should leave the thick fringe and prefer the feathercut. Long curls left in sides will give a wonderful effect, when the cheekbones are wide placed.

When you are making a haircut of wavy hair, try to keep neatness, especially, during work with tips. The best way is to use technology under the name “hot scissors”. This method is unique for its being able to solder ends of hair, as a result of which they are protected against the loss of moisture and fragility.

Moreover, the last advice. Do not use a razor for the haircut of the wavy hair. The method of the shaving haircut does not possess sparing properties and is able to harm curly hair. Use only scissors.

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