How to reduce gray and greasy hair?

It is strange, but the reasons for the graying and emerging of greasy hair are the same. The main reason of both can be a metabolic disease. The metabolism can suffer on the backdrop of various changes of the hormonal background or at a sluggish lifestyle in a combination with incorrect meals. A low working of melanin is contributing to the emerging of gray hair. Melanin is a hair defining color, but hair starts to gray when the number of melanocytes decreases.

It happens that gray or greasy hair can have genetic reasons. There are several simple ways with help of which you can slow down an emerging of gray and greasy hair.

Reduce the amount of coffee consumed by you every day

Do you prefer to drink more than four cups of coffee a day? Cut down the portion of coffee, which you drink and thus you can slow an appearance of gray and greasy hair.

Take more proteins.

Your hair is composed of 90% of protein. If you are on diet with low content of nutrients, it is quite likely soon you will deal with gray hair. The eggs, meat, soy, haricot, the almond are excellent sources of protein.
Do not eat too much sweet and condimental food, as such food conduce sebaceous excretions.

Quit smoking

Smoking accelerates the ageing process and an appearance of gray and also greasy hair. Abandon this pernicious addiction or try your best to cut down the quantity of cigarettes which you smoke a day.

Reduce stress

Stress can increase the amount of gray and greasy hair. The scientists discovered that stress hormones affect cells responding for colouring of hair (melanocytes) and cause an appearance of gray hair and sebaceous excretions. It is essential to stroll, go in for sports.

Drink much water

Daily take water in a rationing lot, but not juices or energy drinks, but clear natural water. Dehydration is slowing assimilation of nutrients and it means your hair will get not enough necessary food. About 2 liters of water a day must help to hinder an appearance of gray and greasy hair.

A massage of the head and masks

Fast circulation of blood is reducing appearances of gray hair. Do a massage of the head. Thus you will slow an appearance of the gray hair and hair’s coming out will be stopped.

But don’t use intense massage if you have greasy hair: a rush of blood to the head skin can increase oil excretions. In this case, use light massage and masks: from sour milk, from whipped up egg whites and lemon, from fresh fir or pine needles. Ask trichology physician specialist for a better solution.

Use B12 vitamin

The studies show that the V12 vitamin deficiency is one of the reasons of gray and greasy hair. More often eat kefir, molluscs, cows’ milk, meat and fish, and the level of V12 vitamin will be restored.

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